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Innova Creative Venture is a nationally recognized Event Management Company that provides one-stop solutions under one umbrella. In today’s digital era, cultural events, corporate gatherings as well as grand celebrations have become a requisite part in our life.

We are a patron of creative event organisers throughout the region and specialize in managing events and exhibitions. On the other hand, Innova Creative Venture has a team of creative and passionate professionals who can deliver clients’ work with a great approach as per the substantial requirements.

This is one of the best Corporate Event Management Company that got acclamation incredibly for being focused and smart working. Besides, we have professional designers who are efficient in designing corporate halls, exhibition stalls, etc.

Apart from that, we are capable of delivering various brand promotions like retail store promotions, office promotions, housing society promotions etc. We are not only providing corporate event management services but also we are managing staff under one roof.

Our pivotal asset is to provide cost-effective services and experienced event support to our existing clients and potential clients as well. In other words, our fundamental aim is to meet the client’s requirements and exceed it in a befitting manner.

Various Kinds Of Corporate Events

Demands Stop Under Innova Creative Venture:

Product Launch Events

A new product can be displayed on the market by launching event. Unlike others, Innova Creative Venture is launching several products by creating events. Event builds promotion of the product intensively among audience. You need to choose the venue first for marketing along with amazing and relevant theme.

Activation Services

Activation services is one of the smoothly ways to organize event suitably. Event planners are young and dynamic and they can manage all the work required to ensure that Innova Creative venture launches on schedule. First of all, an event planner should keep in mind regarding budget, multimedia marketing, build hash tag, etc.

Fashion Events

A fashion event can be executed at a large scale. As a corporate event organizer, Innova Creative ventureconsiders venue, concept, guest list, etc. We came up with a well-designed plan for our clients show viz date, music, decoration, etc.


MICE is an abbreviation of Meeting, Incentives, conferences and exhibitions. Innova Creative venture provides tailor solution in every aspect.  We expanded our networks through a unique support of several parties. Undoubtedly, MICE event is a great platform where you can showcase your skill and performance to reach to your target audiences.

Road shows Events

In recent times, roadshow event is becoming the latest events. Roadshows are spreading uniquely with an interactive format. In general, it can fetch customer gathering, attract attention of your brand, etc.

Concert Planning

We made a plan for several concerts. Typically, concert planning is flexible and scalable. For permits and insurance, we must apply and create a budget. Innova Creative venture creates cozy environment for those who will purchase tickets for concert.

Why Choose Innova Creative Venture?

We are unique corporate event organisers in Delhi. Innova Creative Venture strives to provide tailor solutions to effusive issues. We retain a flexible relationship with our trustworthy customers.

Brainstorming: We can make sure that our ideas will assist you to reach the new heights. We can make everything feasible through the pool of technology and efficiency.

Best value for money: We at Innova Creative Venture deliver elegant solutions without hindering the quality of workmanship.

100% Satisfaction, Guaranteed: We regulate supreme standard of quality. Our workforce has been constantly improving after getting every satisfactory feedback.

Corporate Event Planner in Delhi

End-to-End Event Management

Are you worried to look for corporate event organisers in Delhi? Your destination ends here. Look no further than Innova Creative Venture. We simplify end to end event management services by keeping all your requirements in mind. We make events memorable as a corporate party planner.

Efficient Guest Management

Innova Creative Venture handles VIP guest by their trained and efficient professionals. We equip a plan that how we shall handle more than enough guests in the event. After checking venue date, time, sit availability, and other things, our team of skilled designers design the event enthusiastically.

Within Budget

Innova Creative Venture is available to take into account each details of their customers’ vision to deliver a fun memorable event. As a corporate event agency, we build agendas, production timeline, run of shows and all essential practices within budget.

Make Brand’s Identity

Innova Creative Venture has to identify their niches as well as customers’ needs, preferences and challenges. Visual identity is most vital to represent your brand visually. Nevertheless, online presence plays a pivotal role to make your brand identity. Online presence of your brand must be informative and user-friendly.

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